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Home is where my heart is 

eternity, home, home is where my heart is,

Every day is the beginning of life.

Every life is the beginning of eternity.

                                                  Rainer Maria Rillke



Convent Metelen, founded in 889 by Mrs. Friduwi, is the first convent in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, which is newly founded after it had been closed by Napoleon in the beginning of the 19th century.


It has been newly founded by 8 women on 15 July 2013.


Convent Metelen is a modern, contemporary and cosmopolitan institution for women, which is independent of any ecclesiastical organisation.


Lead by God`s free spirit, unrestricted and unbounded. Spirituality is the focus - beyond limits of religion and politics. God`s love sands above everything. Unconditional, without dogmas, without rites. God is in all, in everything and with everyone. In human, in animal, in trees and plants, in stones and minerals, in nature. It`s not hard to meet him. He is in every one of us. That`s where we can find and meet him. Anytime, anywhere. The way that leads to him is inner silence. He is pleased about anyone, who starts the journey towards him. The structure and organisation of this convent reflects all of the above. It is oriented to a life in this world, with this world, in love and peace with everyone. Beyond convent walls.


Life happens in the world. That`s where God`s spirit belong too.