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Mary Magdalene

Death is one side of life. Rising is the other side.

                                                               Romano Guardini


Who was Mary Magdalene? The church labelled her as sinner. Is that meant to say that men of the church are without sins? The bible says: "He, who is without sins, may throw the first stone." The church has done it. Without sins? Greed and greed for power are no sins?


It`s time to rehabilitate the woman by Jesus`side, who was his wife. It`s time to rehabilitate all women of the world.


Countless generations of women had and still have to bear misery, because of this intentional negative perception of women. It`s time to wake up and to see through the churches power structure.


Why are men scared of women? Nothing else is the reason behind this massive, worldwide oppression.  

The holy spirit is female.

More than 2000 years ago, women were priestesses and sage. Men treated them with respect and appreciation. Most of this women had great power, which wasn`t used to harm human kind. She, the female godly part of human kind, always had given, special spiritual abilities. Through these they were connected with the universe and the creator. They had lots of knowledge of cosmic connections, which they used for the good of all. Men asked for their advise, which they gladly gave. They were respectful with one another. Everyone, not matter if men or women, played its part with their abilities in the good of all. Live was lived in harmony with nature.


This ideal state was already history by the time it was the year zero. Men had taken more and more power over other humans. Jesus was sent to turn this towards the godly unity and harmony with nature again. Shortly after his death, some clever people saw the potential of extensive seizer of power. Surviving writs were translated into different languages. Sometimes with more, sometimes with less mistakes - sometimes with more intention, sometimes with less intention. That`s why women are barely to be found in these writs, which supposedly have been delivered by word of mouth. They have been made a perpheral matter, which was not reflecting reality. Jesus had just as many women as men in his followers. When reading the wedding at Cana, one finds some inconsistencies in the bible. why did Mary, his mother, make him take care of his guests? That`s what every good host does... In this case the groom at his wedding with Mary Magdalene. This truth was obstructive for the later men of the church, which is why it got cut by the most important aspect. That`s how Mary Magdalene became a perpheral matter, which in reality she never was. The church has successfully kept her pursuit after Jesus`death and her elopement with her two children a secret. And with her, all the other women.


The one and only power which will always win, is the power of love.


Mary Magdalene, the awakened voice of the origins of Christianity.